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Skysat, Konica Minolta Launch Modern Digital Printing Technology in Nigeria

The work of printing in Nigeria is set to experience a revolution that was significant with Konica Minolta as Skysat Technologies associates to introduce the most recent technology in digital printing to the united states.

Addressing a press conference the representatives of both firms shed light on the vision supporting the huge advantages as well as the partnership it's going to bring to the market in the state.

Mr. Izzat Debs, Managing Director, SkySat Technologies, said: "We're really hapy at this crucial partnership with Konica Minolta. What we offering to Nigeria is among the dependable and very modern digital printing technologies. It is a synergy of both Japanese and German technology. The gear run virtually error-free. Even normal paper jams are virtually nonexistent. We provide world class service copy by our crew of German-trained engineers.

"The most significant point is the fact that we offer customer training in our classroom and supply all required spares and consumable for smooth running. Another significant advantage for Konica Minolta users is that we are going to allow them access to some world class, internet-based training programme, called Mplus.

"We're also bringing together aspiring entrepreneurs in the digital printing company to train and equip all of them together with the abilities to successfully run a digital commercial print shop. This initiative is our contribution to lessen employment rate and empower youths all over the united states, thus helping them lead our quota to the state's economic growth," he said.

In his own comments, Mr. Michael Hans Mier, Business Support Manager, Africa, Konica Minolta, noted that his firm was helping to assess the scourge of capital flight, occasioned by offshore printing of some high profile occupations. He explained: "Not only does printing abroad come in a higher price to local companies, but it of course also amounts to some loss of company for hard working Nigerians.

"With our ground breaking and award winning technology - BLI awards for PRESS C8000, C7000 and ACE 1200, and with Skysat's highly skilled sales and technical team , Konica Minolta will soon have the ability to give you the options because of this nation's print needs: Not printed in Europe but proud to be printed within Nigeria." he added.

Skysat Limited, which will be the authorized provider of Konica Minolta goods in Nigeria, is the top providers in the united states, with outstanding technical support and continuous training of technicians and operators.

Post by menuprinting (2016-03-16 03:54)

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