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A Quick Guide to Print Restaurant Menu Covers

Delicious food and reasonable price are the two basic things everyone demands from a restaurant. Both these needs can be taken care if a little extra effort is made. However, the real problem lies in conveying this message to the customers.

Your marvelous interior and the comfortable seats can explain a lot about your hospitality to the clients, but not about the food you serve. Here the menu plays an important role. Actually, it is the menu that introduces your food to the customer for the first time. Hence the menu design, especially the menu covers should be perfect to make the first impression a best one.

Here are a few tips which will help you in designing wonderful and effective menu covers.

Replicate your Restaurant’s Ambience into the Menu Covers

The menu is the emblem of your restaurant brand and it should represent your restaurant in all aspects. Even when a person comes across your menu either in a window or online, he or she should get a clear idea about how your restaurant works. For example, if yours is a modern and sleek restaurant, then it is better to go with clear design.

If it is a stylish and elegant one, black and white will be the best option. For a restaurant, which has earned its reputation as a family restaurant, it is always better to use friendly and warm colors such as brown, red etc. The fonts should also  be something that gives a casual feel.

Understanding the Real Needs

At a restaurant, different types of food items will be served and different food items will be served only at particular timings. For example, the food items that come under the category “Breakfast” will not be served after a specific time and similarly “Lunch” items will not be served before or after a specific time.

Here, you should know what your requirement is, ie. whether you need a single menu for all the items or separate menus for each. Some restaurants are keeping separate menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while some others offer all in the same menu. In some cases, there will be separate menus for snacks and beverages.

If you are the only person to take a decision. While taking the decision, you should be clear on whether it has to be either single sheet or double folded sheet. Similarly the number of sheets should also be decided. This step is important because only with a clear idea about the things mentioned above we can design a perfect Menu Cover.

Arranging Food Items

There will be different types of food items served in a restaurant and they should be divided into similar groups. For example, you can make two basic groups such as  “Veg.and Non-veg Foods”. Then under “Non-veg Food”, you can create many sub categories as poultry, seafoods etc. This will help the customer to choose his needs fast without any confusion.

Use Attractive Images

An image can convey a message more clearly than a text of thousand words. Here in the case of menus you can use the same psychology to attract customers. Instead of making your menu a desert of alphabets, you can add several images. However, you should insist on using high quality images only. Images will also help the customer to understand a dish better.

Use Good Fonts

Although there is no special mention about any fonts, you should insist on regular fonts than designer ones. The font size should be large enough to read without giving much strain to the eyes.

In total, a menu should provide all the information a customer seeks and at the same time it should represent the real ambience of a restaurant. Such menus can fetch more customers naturally as the first and best impression can make people more loyal.

Post by menuprinting (2016-06-27 06:28)

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